The Gough Lewis Foundation’s Commitment to Change

Learn about our mission to lift communities through dedicated initiatives in justice, cultural expression, and animal welfare. The Gough Lewis Foundation strives to create a more equitable and sustainable future for all.


Filmmaker Scholarship

The Gough Lewis Foundation supports aspiring filmmakers from underrepresented communities. By providing scholarships, and access to industry resources, we help talented people realize their visions and contribute unique perspectives to the world of cinema.


Empowered Communities

We are committed to charities that empower communities, enabling them to tackle their most pressing challenges head-on. By funding critical resources and local initiatives, we help individuals and communities build resilience and thrive on their terms.


Bitcoin for Charity

The Gough Lewis Foundation uses its Bitcoin investments to fund projects and crucial initiatives, ensuring the foundation’s cryptocurrency contributions directly support community enhancement and social change.

The Gough Lewis Foundation

We aim to foster positive social change through a blend of compassion and action. With a focus on supporting initiatives that promote social justice, creative expression, and environmental conservation, The Gough Foundation seeks to empower others to create a brighter, more equitable future.

Through strategic investments and a commitment to amplifying underrepresented voices, the Gough Lewis Foundation strives to make a meaningful impact in the world and the journey towards positive change.

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Legacy of Cinematic Vision

Explore the cinematic revolution ignited by Gough Lewis in Meaford, Ontario, culminating in the creation of the Meaford International Film Festival (MIFF).

Discover the challenges and triumphs that shaped MIFF’s inception and delve into the enduring legacy of Gough Lewis’s vision—a testament to the transformative power of film and community collaboration.”

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Our Initiatives

Here are a few of the range of initiatives through which we strive to create lasting change. The Gough Lewis Foundation is dedicated to supporting critical social issues with targeted programs that empower, protect, and heal. From justice and safety to cultural expression and animal welfare, our initiatives are designed to impact lives and build a better future.

Justice and Safety Initiatives

We support initiatives for prisoner’s rights and women’s shelters. Gough Lewis advocates for fair treatment and rehabilitation for inmates while ensuring women have access to safe spaces and resources to rebuild their lives free from violence.

Voices and Visibility

Aim to amplify the often-unheard voices of missing Indigenous persons and fostering social change through filmmaking and arts. We support investigations and awareness, alongside empowering artists to express cultural and social realities, fostering a more inclusive and just society.

Animal Wellness Programs

Committed to animal shelters to improve the conditions and care provided to animals in need. We fund renovations, support adoption events, and provide resources for veterinary care, ensuring that all animals receive the love and treatment they deserve.

Pivotal Moments

Each significant change begins with a moment of decision—a spark that ignites action. For Gough Lewis, several such moments inspired the Gough Lewis Foundation. These are a couple.

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Community Champion

Gough Lewis championed the health and safety of children in Meaford by halting the construction of a potentially harmful cellphone tower near their school. His proactive approach not only protected the students but also set a precedent for community involvement in public health decisions.

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Healing Lives, One Step at a Time

After providing full-time care for his mother during her battle with cancer, Gough Lewis established a foundation to extend similar support to others facing this daunting journey. His personal experience revealed the critical need for accessible, comprehensive care and emotional support, which many patients and families lack.

Committed to the Unheard

Through targeted grants with local organizations, and direct community engagement, we aim to empower these voices.

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